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About Us

Like we have heard a few times, 'Good things happen at the right time', rings true here. When Passion drives your hobby into a commercial venture, you know you are on the right path! Spring Onion comprises of the ones smitten by the love for cooking and serving people with the sole objective to see them delighted.
Our wide spread range of menu items are rather unconventional and tailor made to suit the varied palates of our esteemed clientele; of course after having gone through requisite tests and approved by experts. That's how we can proudly say Authentic - We are not!

An overpowering aroma of irresistible oriental cuisine fused with the sight of exoctic dishes, garnished admirably and served impeccably is certain to add on to your heavenly food experience at SPRING ONION.    

Our Story

De facto inspired by our slogan "Passion on Plate" or brand has left the food lovers of Mumbai and Pune overwhelmed through its exemplary hospitality and innovative recipes that are prepared using ingredients of premium quality. While good taste remains the key ingredient, we do not compromise on health either, thus our motto 'NO AJI NO MOTTO'.

Let the world kmow if you like the food! Let us know if you didn't like it!

Meet The Team

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